Galaxy S9 Launcher




Give your phone the look of an S9



All ages

Galaxy S9 Launcher is a launcher that'll give your device the same look as the latest Samsung devices. Thanks to this launcher, you'll be able to give your smartphone the same interface as the one from the Korean manufacturer in a matter of seconds.

Thanks to this interface, you'll get the different screens where you can store all your apps' icons with the same beautiful and modern look the S9 is known for. On top of that, you can even choose a wallpaper from the ones available by default when you start any Samsung device.

Another positive aspect Galaxy S9 Launcher offers is that it doesn't consume too many resources on your device. Thanks to this fact, you have the possibility to install any of its themes or languages packs even if you don't have very much RAM.

If you want to give your smartphone a different look, Galaxy S9 Launcher is a great launcher that lets you simulate the simple, attractive, and organized look that the TouchWiz home from Samsung is known for.